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ALKHORAYEF industries

Alkhorayef Industries manufacture leading industrial, agricultural, irrigation equipments around the world. We have a long and proud history in Saudi agriculture, having worked with Saudi farmers back in the early days of government subsidies to boost the region’s agricultural sector. As the leading company in this sector, we helped raise the GNP contribution of farming from 1% to 9% in the 1980s

The company is now one of the biggest four world players in the large-scale irrigation industry, helping food producers to meet growing demand in a way that is both environmentally friendly and profitable.


AIC started manufacturing irrigation systems in 1985 and has grown to be one of the world’s leading manufacturers of center pivot and linear irrigation systems.

Our facilities in Middle East have a production capacity that exceeds 5,000systems per year and provide irrigation systems to customers around the world. We have invested heavily in product research and development so that we can supply the most up-to-date and cost-elective irrigation solutions.

Center Pivot Irrigation Systems
Linear Irrigation Systems
Vertical Pumps
iControl Technology


AIC adopted a strategy for the development of its products inharmony with the challenging operational conditions of the waterwalls in the region by conducting research and various hydraulic tests that could verify the pump performance.

Accurate test of water flow, pressure and anciency, along with conduction cavitation and reliability tests, sparked the creation of new products capable of raising operational anciency and prolonging the life of products suitable for rough conditions, Today, AIC is proud to produce 14 models with field anciency that exceeds 80%and with yields reaching 3,000 gallons per minute in water wells12 inches in diameter and 1,200 feet in depth.

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Since 1990 Alkhorayef Industries Co.(AIC) has continued to investin Electric Resistance Welded (ERW) technology to produce blacksteel pipes that comply with the highest specifications andmanufacturing processes, which use High Frequency Induction(HFI) to produce steel pipes that are perfectly balanced in theirmechanical and chemical properties.

ISO 9001 latest version certification to meet the most popularworld standards for ERW steel pipe, along with othercertifications such as; API Q1, API 5L, and UL 852


Our talent to remain a world-class leader in the production ofquality electrical-based energy is complemented by ourcommitment to help pressing environmental problems and solvesustainability issues.

The power system division is divided into two departments

  • Generator set
  • Electrical panels

ENGINEERING & Innovation

Engineering and manufacturing of steel structures & spare parts is considered one of the principal sections of the company; This department provides key solutions following the highest levels of precision and quality, where AIC is one of the leading companies in the Kingdom and the Middle East.
  • Design new products
  • Material Optimization Costing & Analysis.
  • Spare Parts Reverse
  • R & D studies & Consultation Engineering


To ensure the quality of its products, Alkhorayef Industries has established a Metallurgical testing laboratory to ensure the solidity and quality of the materials used in the manufacture process of its products. AIC laboratory is specializing in Metallurgical, Chemical, Destructive and Nondestructive testing and it serves a diverse client base including government, industry, and commercial sector in the areas of oil and gas, steel, automotive, public works, environmental, and commercial construction.


Adopting the Principals of Saudi Vision 2030 We feel committedto transfer our accumulated knowledge and best practices overthe years to young Saudis generation through our dedicated SMEsand have specially designed an Industrial Training Program toenhance and ease the joining and growth of our young SaudiTalent. AIC Training program is designed in collaboration with ourLocal & International partners to stay on top of latest technology& solutions.

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