Our commitment to sustainability extends to agriculture and irrigation. We offer innovative solutions that optimize water usage, increase crop productivity, and contribute to the establishment of a more environmentally sustainable future for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and beyond.

Irrigation Solutions

Today , Alkhorayef Group is one of world’s big manufacturers of large-scale irrigation systems having strong international presence in Europe, Russia, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Africa. It is globally helping food producers meet growing demand in a way that is both environmentally friendly and profitable. Western and Pierce irrigation systems are manufactured in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and distributed to our clients along an extensive dealer distribution network. From desert lands to fertile fields, our machines are working all over the world, often enduring tough environmental conditions. In addition, our R&D team continues to work on developing the latest in monitoring and control areas with iControl Technology. This simplifies the remote management of irrigation systems, pumps, and other related equipment.

Western Pump division

The Western Pump division is considered the first to specialize in the manufacturing of deep well pumps in the Arabian Gulf and the Arab region. Western pumps are specifically designed for use in the agricultural sector. Thanks to the wide range of Western Pumps, we have met the demands for small installations as well as complex corporate projects. Its pumps has been installed in the most extreme conditions while maintaining top efficiency and excellent performance. Western Pumps has a production capacity of 4,000 units annually. It proudly boasts 14 different models with field efficiency above 80% and yields up to 3,000 gallons per minute in wells of 12-inch diameters and 1700 feet in depth

farming equipment

The  division provides entire solutions for farmers beginning with pre-planning of the project up to packaging of products The fact that we have  been ranked first on the market of the farming equipment systems is contributed to our keenness to provide quality equipment that are globally reputable combined with high quality after sale services as well as provision of all spare parts Farming & Field.

Quality management

The company has achieved and administered Integrated management system of ISO 9001 and 45001 certifications in addition to API Q1, API 5L, and UL 852 which is regularly reviewed to ensure its continued effectiveness, stability and adequacy

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