Printing Solutions

Printing Solutions

We provide consulting and support services in the areas of sales and services. The company boasts a specialized and professional team exceeding 250 employees. We also offer ideal printing solutions of various sizes and diverse needs for our clients and partners through flexible offers and a wide range of modern machines and equipment.

Product Qualities

  • Our products are designed to deliver consistent, high-level performance in a variety of environments and conditions.
  • Our designs are compact and our materials are durable to ensure the longevity and durability of the products.
  • We integrate sustainable practices into our product design and manufacturing processes to reduce environmental impact.
  • We develop our products with the end user’s preferences and needs in mind, where ease of use and practicality are the priority.
  • We are committed to continuing research, development and continuous improvement of the characteristics and performance of our products.
  • We maintain open and transparent communication with our customers in order to foster trust and long-term partnerships.


The Company has diversified its activities and continued its progress in various fields such as machinery systems, oil, contracting as well as printing and paper. As it became necessary to pay particular and specialized attention to each field, the founding Company branched into several subsidiaries





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