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Alkhorayef Lubricants has exclusive rights to distribute Castrol oils and lubricants within Saudi Arabia. Castrol is the world leader in advanced and specialist lubricants for engines and machines, and our partnership with the brand dates back to 1991. Castrol offers a full range of mineral, part-synthetic and fully synthetic oils designed to outperform conventional oils on the market.

who are we

Al Kharif Lubricants Company was established in 2009, and holds the exclusive rights to distribute Castrol oils and lubricants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company is proud of its long-standing partnership with Castrol, the world leader in the production of lubricants for engines and machinery since 1991.

Alkhorayef Lubricants Company is also a pioneer in the field of distributing and providing lubricants in the Kingdom, and offers a comprehensive range of oils and lubricants, including mineral, semi-synthetic and fully industrial oils, designed to meet the requirements of various industries.

Alkhorayef Lubricants Company is your ideal destination for lubricating products and related services in the Kingdom, as we pledge to provide the best solutions and high-quality products to our customers.

Our vision

We seek to be the ideal choice for our customers and the preferred strategic partner in the fields of oils and lubricants locally and globally.

Our goals

• Achieving the highest quality standards in all of the company’s products, including continuous research and development to ensure that our products meet customer needs and exceed their expectations.

• Develop innovative lubricating products and advanced technology that are compatible with market aspirations. Innovation is an essential part of the company’s priorities.

• Achieving customer satisfaction; Therefore, we strive to provide the excellent service and technical support necessary to meet our customers’ requirements and achieve a unique experience for them.

• Preserving the environment and achieving sustainable development through our practices and products.

• Expand our business and enhance our presence in the global market; To achieve sustainable growth and increase market share.

• Building strategic partnerships with companies and customers to enhance trade exchange and cooperation in the areas of research and development.

• Developing the skills and capabilities of our employees through training programs and ongoing professional growth opportunities.

Our message

Providing high-quality lubricant products through the use of advanced technologies, which contributes to supporting the optimal performance of engines and machines and improving their efficiency.

Our mission

We offer a variety of premium lubricating products specifically designed to improve performance and increase customer confidence in various industries.

rate us

We believe in a set of values ​​that form the basis of our philosophy and direction, which contribute to building a better world and achieving sustainable successes, which are:-

• Commitment: We are committed to our tasks and responsibilities, and we strive to provide the best performance in every challenge we face, which reflects our ability to achieve success.

• Trust: All our dealings with our clients and partners are based on the principle of mutual trust, and we adopt commitment as our approach in every project we undertake and in every partnership we conclude, in addition to our commitment to our employees in developing their professional and personal skills through the training and development programs that we provide.

• Excellence: We seek excellence in all the products and services we provide, and we have sufficient skills to use technology.

• Inclusion: As a family business, friendliness and warmth permeate all our interactions and extend to our customers and partners, as we share ideas, problem-solve and decision-making processes.

Our Services

Oils and lubricants

We offer a comprehensive range of oils and lubricants designed for a variety of industries and applications. Our wide range includes mineral, semi-synthetic and fully synthetic oils.

Castrol passenger car engine oil

Our products include a wide variety of engine oils for light cars. Our products provide excellent engine protection and significantly improve their performance.

Castrol machine oil

We offer a range of specialist lubricants designed for industrial machinery and equipment. Our products also provide superior protection and improved efficiency for long-term equipment.

Castrol truck engine oil

We offer products for heavy engines and trucks. These products provide superior protection and excellent performance under severe operating conditions.

Technical support and consulting

We are keen to provide specialized technical support to our customers to help them choose the best products and solutions for their needs. We also provide technical consultations that help our customers improve and maintain the performance of their equipment.

Training and technical workshops

We organize workshops and training programs for customers to raise awareness on best practices in using lubricating products. These workshops and programs aim to improve equipment maintenance and develop user skills.

Delivery and distribution service

We provide fast delivery service for our products to all our customers in the areas we serve. This service ensures that lubricating products are available easily and in a timely manner.

Why us?

Alkhorayef Lubricants Company is distinguished by several factors that make it the ideal choice for your oil and lubricants needs, the most important of which are:

• We are keen to provide the highest levels of quality in every product we offer. Our strength is the quality of products and their effectiveness in improving the performance of engines and machines.

• We offer a comprehensive range of various oils and lubricants, with continuous development of our products; To meet industry requirements.

• We provide excellent technical support and direct consultation to our customers, helping them choose the optimal solutions to meet their needs.

Our locations

Alkhorayef Lubricants Company is present in a number of major cities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. To provide a variety of lubrication services and technical support in all sectors and industries:

• Riyadh: Our main center is located in the capital of the Kingdom, where we provide all our products and services to different sectors.

• Al-Khobar: We are based in Al-Khobar to meet the needs of local industries.

• Jeddah: We are located in Jeddah to provide lubricating products and technical support for businesses and cars.

• Buraidah: We provide our products and services to the local community in Buraidah and the surrounding areas.

• Tabuk: Our branches are located in Tabuk to provide solutions to the lubrication needs in this region.

• Khamis Mushayt: We have a branch in Khamis Mushayt to provide support and services in the field of oils and lubricants.