Our Solutions

Our variety of entertainment and marine equipment is customised to provide unforgettable experiences and adventures.

We specialize in providing advanced pumping solutions, focusing on efficiency and trust, contributing to the smooth flow of water and fluids, which enhances growth and prosperity

Alkhorayef Group’s oil and lubricant business is a leading force in the industry, offering high-performance solutions designed for optimal machinery function. Their products stand out for precision engineering, providing superior protection against wear and corrosion.

We provide consulting and support services in the areas of sales and services. The company boasts a specialized and professional team exceeding 250 employees. We also offer ideal printing solutions of various sizes and diverse needs for our clients and partners through flexible offers and a wide range of modern machines and equipment.

We aim to be the driving force behind excellent and effective power generation solutions. From high technology to sustainable practices

At Alkhorayef Group, we redefine efficiency through our state-of-the-art loading and unloading equipment. From industrial cranes to advanced transportation.

We became a market leader in spare parts, and maintenance for generators, heavy equipment, trucks and turbochargers solutions.

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