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We design and build our own ESP systems, since exceptional performance relies on attention to detail. Whatever your lifting challenge, Alkhorayef has a system available, or our specialists can engineer a solution that fits the bill.

High-performance ESP systems

The depth of our portfolio meets any – and every – ESP requirement. We offer the full set of ESPs, and accommodate the broadest range of flow rates and horsepower requirements.


Our multi-stage centrifugal pumps are available in either radial or mixed flow configuration. Proven to lift oil, water or brine while minimizing downtime, they include enhancement options for corrosive, abrasive and high load applications.


Deliver long periods of stable production by expelling free gas to the annulus, or pressurizing and homogenizing multiphase fluids before reaching the ESP. Our vortex separators and process units are engineered to perform effectively in abrasive and corrosive conditions.


Our three-phase AC, two-pole, squirrel cage, induction motors are all individually hand-wound, and feature superior insulation, lubrication and heat dissipation as standard. They are available in a range of diameters with multiple horsepower, voltage and current nameplate options and rated up to 325°F (163°C).


Patented SPECTRUM ESP protector (seal) technology is engineered to maximize system run life; sealing against ultra-light well fluids and in extreme deviations. Additional performance enhancing options handle high horsepower, high head applications, and corrosive settings.


Respond to dynamic well conditions and fine-tune your ESP to ensure the pump operates at the best efficiency to maximum ESP run life and recovery from the reservoir. Our downhole monitoring systems provides fast, reliable data on reservoir and pump performance.


Our high reliability ESP power cables are available in both circular and flat designs in a range of sizes. The engineering team can also advise you on the best cable configuration for your application, including HPHT and extended reach wells.


Modulate pump speed to extend the operating range of your ESP, and adapt to changing requirements. Our VSD systems also safeguard downhole equipment by providing electrical and mechanical soft-start features, electrical isolation and cleaner power output.


Horizontal pumping systems are efficient alternatives to positive displacement, split-case, and other surface pumping options. Delivering high performance over a wide flow rate range and minimal maintenance requirement. The APC Spectrum HPS is ideally suited for a range of applications in the oil and gas, industrial and mining markets.

ESP solutions engineered for demanding requirements

Every day our tailor-made SPECTRUM ADVANCE ESP solutions are at work in the toughest production environments on the planet, including sour gas, deep, ultra-slim wells and high viscosity hydrocarbons. Read More

production facilities

Realize greater efficiencies and significant cost savings: Capitalize on our expertise and innovation during the treatment, separation, processing and transfer of produced fluids

more capabilities in one place

Active from the initial inception stage, Alkhorayef designs, installs, and commissions production facilities. We also offer end-to-end project management capabilities and ongoing maintenance services. Customers no longer have to manage dedicated project departments in-house, or employ multiple vendors

Maximize Recovery With EOR

As well as more conventional methods our specialists are highly experienced in producing oil and gas for customers via a range of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) techniques. These include water and steam flooding projects, as well as Cold Heavy Oil Production with Sand (CHOPS) and establishing the associated processing facilities.

more capabilities in one place

Alkhorayef can be contracted to build, own and operate production facilities. There is also the option to transfer facility ownership to the customer after a specified period of operation (sometimes referred to as BOOT contract). We are also on hand to operate and maintain existing production facilities where they remain the property of customers.

Wireline Services

The aim of Alkhorayef Wireline is to be your trusted wireline services provider that is committed to excellent service quality. Our pursue of excellence in service delivery and our dedication to safety will be the foundations for a long-term relationships with our customers.

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