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P.O.BOX 281808 RIYADH 11392, Saudi Arabia
T: +966(11) 8212677
F:+966(11) 4950261


Alkhorayef Printing Solutions Company was established in 1970, headquartered in Riyadh. We have expanded to open two additional offices in Jeddah and Dammam, making the company three main branches covering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide consulting and support services in the areas of sales and services.

The company boasts a specialised and professional team exceeding 250 employees. We also offer ideal printing solutions of various sizes and diverse needs for our clients and partners through flexible offers and a wide range of modern machines and equipment.

Today, AlKhorayef Printing Solutions is a business partner for over 5000 clients across the Kingdom, including both government and private sectors such as ministries, major construction and contracting companies, banks, oil and gas, universities and schools, graphic markets and sign manufacturing, and the general services sector, among others..


Is to contribute to sustainable growth for our clients and partners by providing distinctive solutions across a wide range of industries and geographic regions. We foster close collaboration with relevant stakeholders to support our client’s success and help them accomplish their objectives.


Our mission is to deliver trust, safety, and efficiency through our products and services, ensuring the best value for our clients. We are dedicated to consistently exceeding our client’s expectations and providing comprehensive support to enable their business endeavours.

Our Aims:

• Remain at the forefront of innovators in the printing industry by
offering the latest technologies and creative solutions.
• Provide the latest technologies and creative solutions that meet our clients requirements and exceed their expectations.
• Enhance strategic partnerships with our clients to achieve mutual success.
• Provide multi-stage point-of-sale systems that allow scalability and adaptation to your business needs.
• Continuously improve services to achieve customer satisfaction and meet their needs.
• Build strong partnerships with clients and achieve mutual success by increasing presence in new areas within the Kingdom.

Our Message

We strive to deliver the best solutions and services in the field of
printing, emphasizing partnership with our clients to support their success through the provision of advanced tools, technologies, and distinctive services.

OUR Values

We are guided by a set of core values that serve as the bedrock of our philosophy and direction, contributing to the creation of a better world and the attainment of sustainable success:


We seek excellence in everything we offer, from products to services, possessing the skills necessary to utilize technology.


All our transactions with clients and partners are based on the principle of mutual trust. We embrace commitment as our approach in every project and partnership, in addition to our commitment to developing our employees; professional and personal skills through training and development programs.


As a family-owned company, warmth and friendliness characterize all our interactions, extending their impact to our clients and partners. We share ideas, problem- solving, and decision-making processes.


We commit to our tasks and responsibilities, striving to deliver the best performance in every challenge we face, reflecting our ability to achieve success.


Multi stage Point of Sale Systems
Multi stage Point of Sale systems provide maximum flexibility and scalability to configure your system to meet the diverse needs of your customers, whether in communication, graphics, networks, or accessory requirements. These solutions address various business needs while providing the ability for extension and expansion for further development and adaptation to customer aspirations.
All in One Point of Sale Systems
Precision designed to deliver advanced computing power in elegant and purposeful designs, "All in One" Point-of-Sale systems provide seamless experiences expected by your customers, operating core functions in one integrated device. Meeting customer requirements by combining high performance and flexibility in one integrated device.
Convertible Point of Sale Systems
These systems offer a flexible solution that allows customers to adapt to business requirements anywhere. These technologies enable inventory checks and assist customers in making purchasing decisions instantly, whether in daily store operations or during sales floor browsing.
Point of Sale Accessories
These solutions offer a comprehensive range of accessories, including barcode readers, receipt printers, cash drawers, and screens, allowing customers to customize Point-of-Sale solutions to meet their specific business needs.

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Managed Printing Service

The Managed Printing Service aims to manage and improve printing operations within companies and organizations. It increases printing efficiency by providing comprehensive solutions that include needs analysis, hardware and printer supply and maintenance, paper management, and cost reduction. In addition, Managed Printing Service is a significant step towards sustainability and continuous improvement of printing operations, saving costs and time for companies while maintaining security, reducing environmental impact, improving productivity, and efficiency within the work environment, achieving a perfect balance between good performance and sustainability. The key benefits of Managed Printing include:

Cost Reduction:

Managed Printing Service enables effective cost control through consumption monitoring and waste reduction, reducing printing and maintenance costs.

Technical Resource Liberation:

Instead of assigning company employees to manage devices and maintenance, Managed Printing Service can free up these resources for employees to focus on core company tasks.

Comprehensive Printing Management:

This service includes full management of devices and printers, including regular maintenance and providing spare parts, relieving the company of administrative and technical responsibilities.

Environmental Conservation:

Efficient use of resources and energy is part of the Managed Printing Service, contributing to waste reduction and negative environmental impact.

Security Enhancement:

Thanks to Managed Printing Service technologies, advanced security measures are applied to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access.

Improved Business Continuity:

Managed Printing Service offers innovative solutions to ensure business continuity, such as regular device maintenance and emergency plans to avoid unplanned downtime.

Our Locations

Alkhorayef Printing Solutions is strategically located in the main cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to provide our services directly and efficiently. In addition to the headquarters in Riyadh, we have branches operating effectively in the cities of Jeddah and Dammam. Our presence in these strategic locations enables us to provide direct technical support and consultations to our clients, ensuring the quality of our services in different regions of the Kingdom.