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A Leading ESP Company with Superior Field Service and Competitive Advantages. Since 1980, Alkhorayef Petroleum has provided top quality pumping systems and components that transform oil and water production, both offshore and onshore. The Alkhorayef Petroleum name has been synonymous with quality and service globally, with international presence in over 40 countries and six continents. Alkhorayef Petroleum is the first Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) manufacturer in the Middle East, actively competing, technically and commercially, in the oil and water ESP business throughout the Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America and CIS region.

Artificial-Lift Products and Components (APC) is the brand name of Alkhorayef Petroleum for all artificial lift components, products and systems for onshore and offshore applications around the world. APC equipment has enjoyed a strong reputation for reliability, enhanced by the unrivalled Alkhorayef Petroleum support network. Due to the substantially high utilization and productivity rates of APC equipment, many of Alkhorayef Petroleum clients chose to extend their service contracts repeatedly. APC continually strives to lead the industry in product quality, reliability, and innovation.

APC’s Engineering Team is committed to utilizing the latest engineering technologies to develop electrical submersible pump system products and components of international standards that continually address the needs of its customers. In addition to ESP Down-Hole Pump Systems, APC manufactures complete solutions of Horizontal Pump Systems (HPS). APC’s HPS solutions provide highly engineered horizontal pumping systems, which ensure low-maintenance and highly versatile alternatives to the conventional high cost, high-maintenance split-case, plunger and vertical turbine centrifugal pump applications. APC’s horizontal pumping systems are a highly viable option for applications in the water, oil, gas, and mining industries where the high-pressure movement of fluids is required. APC’s Mechanical Engineering Research and Development team has decades of experience in the design and optimization of new electrical submersible pump technologies including high-efficiency, high-temperature, corrosion/abrasive resistant and gas lifting techniques that provide extended run-life in harsh environments.

APC’s Electrical Engineering Research and Development team is committed to moving away from the outdated electronics technologies, so prevalent in the industry today, and introducing new state-of-the-art fixed and variable speed drives, motor controllers and well monitoring systems, utilizing the latest and most reliable electronics technologies. Alkhorayef Petroleum operates two APC manufacturing facilities, nine fully equipped service centers, three technology centers and eleven sales offices in key oil production locations.

P.O.BOX 281808 RIYADH 11392, Saudi Arabia
T: +966(11) 8212677
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Alkhorayef Commercial Company, established in 1957, is a renowned Saudi Arabian company that has a rich history of achievements and excellence in delivering comprehensive solutions across diverse industries. Throughout the years, we have evolved to become a prominent economic entity within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, playing a pivotal role in the advancement of various sectors.


Is to contribute to sustainable growth for our clients and partners by providing distinctive solutions across a wide range of industries and geographic regions. We foster close collaboration with relevant stakeholders to support our client's success and help them accomplish their objectives.


Our mission is to deliver trust, safety, and efficiency through our products and services, ensuring the best value for our clients. We are dedicated to consistently exceeding our client's expectations and providing comprehensive support to enable their business endeavours.

Our Aims:

  • Provide exceptional products and services of the highest quality to cater to the diverse needs of our clients across various industries.
  • Elevate the performance and efficiency of our clients by offering innovative and specialized solutions.
  • Foster the growth of our clients and support them in attaining their desired levels of success.
  • Strengthen the position of our company in both local and global markets.

Our Message

At the core of our message is the commitment to deliver comprehensive solutions to our clients through our products and services, emphasizing quality and professionalism. We continuously strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and ensure their utmost satisfaction.

OUR Values

We are guided by a set of core values that serve as the bedrock of our philosophy and direction, contributing to the creation of a better world and the attainment of sustainable success:


Pursuing excellence is ingrained in everything we do. We constantly strive for the highest standards of quality in the products and services we offer, equipped with the requisite skills to effectively harness technology.


Trust forms the cornerstone of all our interactions with clients and partners. We uphold mutual trust as the guiding principle in every project we undertake and every partnership we forge. Moreover, we are dedicated to the professional and personal growth of our employees through comprehensive training and development programs.


As a family-owned company, a sense of warmth and camaraderie permeates all our interactions, extending to our clients and partners. We foster a collaborative environment that embraces shared ideas, problem-solving, and inclusive decision-making processes.


We are deeply committed to our tasks and responsibilities, consistently striving for optimal performance in the face of every challenge. This unwavering dedication reflects our ability to achieve success.

Our solutions


Energy Solutions

Alkhorayef Commercial offers comprehensive solutions for sectors that require diesel generators, empowering customers to control their power supply and ensure uninterrupted electricity.

Entertainment Solutions

Alkhorayef Commercial offers comprehensive solutions for sectors that require diesel generators, empowering customers to control their power supply and ensure uninterrupted electricity.

Agriculture and Food

We offer a range of solutions to farmers aimed at increasing productivity and contributing to food security:
• Precision AG Technology: Leveraging advanced technology…

Logistics Solutions

Alkhorayef provides a comprehensive suite of solutions for material handling and the optimization of logistics operations, storage, and product distribution:
• Efficient material storage and distribution services to ensure timely availability of materials. We meticulously manage inventory to meet customer needs.

Security and Military Solutions

At Alkhorayef, we offer tailored solutions designed specifically for the military and security sectors, addressing their unique requirements in security and defense. Our solutions encompass:
• Advanced Defense and Security Platforms: We provide cutting-edge solutions, including electronic systems…

P.O BOX : 305 Riyadh 11411, Saudi Arabia
T: +966(11) 213 1629
F:+966(11) 438 4596


Alkhorayef Lubricants has exclusive rights to distribute Castrol oils and lubricants within Saudi Arabia. Castrol is the world leader in advanced and specialist lubricants for engines and machines, and our partnership with the brand dates back to 1991. Castrol offers a full range of mineral, part-synthetic and fully synthetic oils designed to outperform conventional oils on the market.

It also provides world-class technical support and tailored lubricants solutions to help customers maximize their productivity and efficiency. Castrol has seen substantial growth in Saudi Arabia holding an unbeatable market leadership position , and is the motorists’ most favorite brand. In the B2B market segment, Castrol is the preferred choice of many large industrial and transport companies. The Castrol brand is owned by BP, and as a reflection of the excellent growth of Castrol in recent years in the kingdom, BP and Alkhorayef established a joint venture company in 2009.

Both partners view this as an important milestone for the continued development of the brand within the Kingdom as well as a recognition of the strong relationship between both parties. With this in mind Castrol is available across Saudi Arabia through a network of branches and dealers

P.O.BOX 281808 RIYADH 11392, Saudi Arabia
T: +966(11) 8212677
F:+966(11) 4950261


Distributes a wide range of top quality machinery imported from all round the world. We also offer unique and second-to- none after-sales services through our spare parts and maintenance operations. The brands we distribute are the best in their field, and we develop long-term partnerships with the companies that own them. Our distributors are highly knowledgeable and properly trained in the operation of each machine type. We also work closely with our partners to improve existing machinery types to meet the changing needs. In addition, we play a prominent role in protecting the environment by providing advanced eco-friendly products that meet the highest international standards.

INDUSTRIAL DIVISION• Material handling equipment and forklifts for factories and warehouses, and special equipment for advanced storage systems (brands include Linde and Hubtix)• Electrical power equipment such as electrical generators, horizontal and vertical electric motors and control panels (brands include Gulf Power, US Motors, Volvo Penta)• Waterworks Equipment for use in water and sanitation projects, energy, and desalination plants (brands include Centex Arabia, Cornel and Western pumps) AGRICULTURAL DIVISION• Farming equipments such as tractors and harvesters (John Deere)• Water pumping (Western Pump)• Agricultural Engine (Volvo Penta)

MARINE DIVISION:Our Marine division imports and markets world-class marine and diving brands, accessories and spare parts in Saudi Arabia, including Yamaha, Volvo Penta and Mares. We serve the marine market in both business and pleasure , with our clients ranging from the Saudi fishermen, the Saudi Navy, the Coast Guard and the Civil Defence to the ultimate in super yachts. In addition, we also provide outstanding after-sales service through integrated maintenance centers and a highly experienced team. We have service centers in both the Western and Eastern regions of the Kingdom.

P.O. Box 4605 Riyadh 11412, Saudi Arabia
T: +966(11) 478-6161
F:+966(11) 477-5439

Alkhorayef Printing Solutions

Alkhorayef Printing Solutions Company was established in 1970, headquartered in Riyadh. We have expanded to open two additional offices in Jeddah and Dammam, making the company three main branches covering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We provide consulting and support services in the areas of sales and services.

The company boasts a specialised and professional team exceeding 250 employees. We also offer ideal printing solutions of various sizes and diverse needs for our clients and partners through flexible offers and a wide range of modern machines and equipment.

Today, Alkhorayef Printing Solutions is a business partner for over 5000 clients across the Kingdom, including both government and private sectors such as ministries, major construction and contracting companies, banks, oil and gas, universities and schools, graphic markets and sign manufacturing, and the general services sector, among others..

T: +966(11)-400 0612
F:+966(11)-455 5179


Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies Company is one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabian market with excellent track record in water and wastewater field including EPC, construction & O&M services. AWPT designs, constructs, operates, maintains and manages all types of water and wastewater projects such as, domestic & industrial wastewater plants, water treatment plants, water desalination plants, water and wastewater networks & house connections, main water & sewage lines, strategic tanks, pump/lifting stations, electro-mechanical works, storm water and water well projects.

AWPT is involved in the development, design, and construction of a variety of water and wastewater treatment plants, filtration solutions and membrane systems capitalising on its strategic partners. As per MOMRA classification certificate, the company is Grade-1 in water & waste water field. Among our clients/customers you can find many reputable companies, government agencies and institutions like, Ministry of Water and Electricity (MOWE), National Water Company (NWC), MODON, Sabic, Aramco, Marafiq, Royal Commission, SWCC, Ministry of Defence, etc.,.

AWPT is developing friendly environment water and wastewater treatment systems, using low energy consumption technologies with small foot print. We offer a revolutionary patented technology designed solutions to water and waste water projects. Our technology allows users to expand production tables and reduce time frames to the best industrial levels. The company brings years of experience and expertise from EPC, construction and O&M services.
Our philosophy regarding water & wastewater treatment plants is based on sound engineering practices, superior products and reliability of proven design performance.

AWPT’s expertise in design and construction of industrial wastewater and desalination plants relies on an ever increasing knowledge of techniques, research and advancement. We approach each project on an individual, customized basis as we understand that every system must be designed specifically for the application in order to meet the specific needs of our clients/customers.

P.O. Box 42679 Riyadh, 11551, Saudi Arabia
T: +966(11) 821-2677
F:+966(11) 4953351


Saudi Part Center is an affiliate of Alkhorayef Group under the Machinery Systems Division. It was established in 1988 with a clear and open vision to provide customers with spare parts that are alternative to genuine parts with comparable quality and less costs, especially for agriculture and construction equipment as well as trucks. SPC has made big strides , and has also become one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia, and is now ISO 9001 : 2000 certified for its quality parts and services.

Saudi Parts Center ( SPC ) is totally committed to that vision through 15 branches and three service centres specialised in Turbochargers, covering all regions in Saudi Arabia. SPC is the most expanded company among others in the same field. It has dedicated divisions including an international sales division that serve businesses and governmental sectors.

The Wholesale Division provides competitive products for parts dealers all over Saudi Arabia’s regions. The Governmental Sales Division effectively cooperates with government authorities in order to provide them with the highest support , while the International Sales Division serves many countries in Northern Africa and the Middle East. In view of SPC’s trust and partnership with global clients and part suppliers have , it has been awarded a number of awards and certificates being the ideal dealer” ,and the “exclusive distributor” for globally various agencies and trade marks of spare parts in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad.

We are committed to offer all these products and services at the right time by means of the high- level inventories available in our warehouses.

Support of Fluid Process Control Element & Solutions

Design, Supply & Support of Fluid Process Control Element & Solutions